I recently graduated from Yale School of Drama with a certificate in Stage Properties (Props). This means that I can do just about anything. I can cane chairs (both pre-woven and weaving method), paint (walls or small items, e.g., after filling a hole in a lamp base, I can paint the filler to match the rest), and I can make cakes. I can build masks (even by making a cast of your face) and curtains (or any window dressing). I have done primary set decoration for 5 shows and assistant set dressing for at least 20 more productions.

But I am starting a business doing what I love the most – reupholstering and refinishing.

This website is a portfolio of some of the things that I have done. Have a good look around. Masks, Chaises, and Paintings contain some of my favorite pieces.

If you have anything that you would like fixed up, reupholstered or made for any occasion, please let me know.